We are pretty excited about the CortexWedge! (Haven’t had a chance to download it yet? Click here!) What makes this app so amazing? It’s the most powerful barcode decoding algorithm powering it. Eliminate the need for any additional hardware with this keyboard scanning app. Talk about easy! 

Add barcode scanning to your mobile device. No integration needed, just download and scan!

Having the amazing power of our scanning software behind every scan literally turns your iOS device into an enterprise-grade barcode scanner minus all the additional hardware. Scan barcode information and add the decoded information into any form or text field.

  • Scan and decode a single barcode or multiple barcodes at once
  • Works seamlessly with any internal or 3rd-party apps
  • Scan directly into any web application, online form, or browser 
  • Reduce data entry errors by scanning barcodes
  • Increase workflow efficiency 
  • Scans any barcode symbology with zero-miss efficiency
  • Enterprise-grade scan performance (low-light, blurry, reflective, damaged, skewed, tiny and more)
  • Supports the CR4300 iOS protective scanning case with point and shoot integrated optics
  • Customized data configuration available

Load More Scans

Have custom configuration questions? Once you fill out the form, we can pass on the info to your sales rep who will help you load more scans or answer any configuration question you might have. Look for an email from us shortly!