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Even the most powerful mobile devices on the market need a little help standing up to the demands of their users and the rapid changing technology landscape.


Whether it’s added protection, an easier way to carry, or a little extra battery, there are a wide variety of accessories on the market to help enhance basic mobile functionality. The Code Reader 4300 not only enhances the basic functionality of several Apple mobile devices; it also adds some unique features to help turn these devices into barcode reading powerhouses.

The Code Reader 4300 leverages TachyonIQ’s zero-miss reliability to enable barcode scanning with the built-in camera on an iPod or iPhone 6/6s, but it also provides:

  • Protective case for added durability
  • Backup battery for hours of extended use
  • Patent-pending optical platform for “point and shoot” scanning that doesn’t require the screen
  • Bright targeting bar to easy locate barcodes for reading
  • Right and left scan buttons to simplify data capture
  • Optional disinfectant-ready plastics for use in healthcare environments

CR4300 TachyonIQ powered device

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