Even the most powerful mobile devices on the market need a little help standing up to the demands of their users and the rapid changing technology landscape.

CR7018 battery backup fully enclosed caseThe CR7018 is built for the mobile clinician. When you are taking your healthcare workflow mobile, you need the best case to protect your iPhone 7 or 8. The CR7018 is the industry’s first fully-enclosed battery backup case. Built with PVC-free CodeShield® disinfectant-ready plastics and Dragontrail™ Glass, your phone has never been so ready to face the harsh healthcare chemicals.


Whether it’s added protection, an easier way to carry, or a little extra battery, there are a wide variety of accessories on the market to help enhance basic mobile functionality. The Code Reader™ 4300 not only enhances the basic functionality of several Apple® mobile devices; it also adds some unique features to help turn these devices into barcode reading powerhouses. With integrated scanning optics for “point and shoot” accuracy, the CR4300 offers a 3000 mAh battery to extend the life of the mobile device well past a full 8-12 hour work shift. With a multi-bay charger, the CR4300 is the gold standard in enterprise iOS accessories and perfect for any mobile workflow.  CortexWedge gives the CR4300 plug and play capability for fast integration into business operations.

The Code Reader 4300 leverages TachyonIQ’s zero-miss reliability to enable barcode scanning with the built-in camera on an iPod or iPhone 6/6s, but it also provides:

  • Protective case for added durability
  • Backup battery for hours of extended use
  • Patent-pending optical platform for “point and shoot” scanning that doesn’t require the screen
  • Bright targeting bar to easy locate barcodes for reading
  • Right and left scan buttons to simplify data capture
  • Optional disinfectant-ready plastics for use in healthcare environments

CR4300 TachyonIQ powered device