Samsung Electronics Chooses CortexDecoder at their Mobile Headquarters for Screen-to-Screen Enterprise Data Capture Success


TachyonIQ, the premier developer of enterprise-grade mobile data capture and decoding software, is excited to announce their agreement with Samsung Electronics Co. to use CortexDecoder at their Mobile Headquarters in South Korea.

Always eager to improve upon workflow performance, Samsung’s engineers set out to find a new solution to easily read even the tiniest 2D barcodes with zero-miss reliability from mobile screen to mobile screen–where screen reflection continued to impede consistent scanning performance. As a result, CortexDecoder’s performance exceeded expectations and has become a critical component added to their enterprise mobile app. This customization now offers decoding solutions for many internal mobile workflow processes.

CortexDecoder proved to be the perfect solution for this mobile environment with consistent accuracy and speed. Turning an engineer’s Galaxy device into an enterprise barcode reader, CortexDecoder delivered the flexibility needed to use a variety of mobile devices with across the board consistent zero-miss performance.

“TachyonIQ’s CortexDecoder is the forward-thinking solution that we were looking for in our mobile headquarters,” Said a spokesman from the TF Team at Samsung. “It is pivotal that our engineers have the flexibility of mobile scanning with no loss in performance, therefore having the option to turn our mobile devices into high-performing readers was the superior decision.”

 “At TachyonIQ, we pride ourselves in giving our customers a world-class data capture software platform that is both reliable and exceeding the demands of their enterprise,” expressed David Bubnoski, product manager for TachyonIQ. “We are very excited about this agreement with Samsung in South Korea, and we can’t wait to see what the future of this partnership holds.”

About TachyonIQ

Code’s TachyonIQ™ image processing and decoding solution is the de facto choice for enterprise-grade barcode scanning software technology that enables rapid, accurate decoding of virtually any barcode symbology, of virtually any quality and curvature – every time without fail. As the backbone of Code’s product line and with the flexibility to integrate with any device, operating system, and application, TachyonIQ ensures you can reliably capture the barcode data you need, in the way you want, at the pace your business demands. TachyonIQ is the only decoder to support the proprietary GoCode® symbology which uses encryption to secure and prevent illicit reading of sensitive data.

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