Spectralink: Wireless Communication for the Modern Enterprise

Spectralink is an OEM specializing in wireless communications devices built for the modern enterprise. Spectralink devices deliver superior voice quality and consistency using their proprietary VOIP technology–now including CortexDecoder barcode scanning software.

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Spectralink is a key player in the healthcare communications sector. Hospitals and healthcare systems around the country equip their doctors, nurses and support staff with Spectralink devices to enable the consistent and reliable flow of real-time communication.

Spectralink barcode scanning for HealthcareOn the Cutting Edge with Zero-Miss Barcode Scanning Software

To deliver enterprise-grade mobility solutions that enable people to do their jobs better Spectralink continually seeks out new and innovative technology to improve their product offering. To stay competitive and meet the needs of an ever-evolving US healthcare marketplace, Spectralink decided to add the revolutionary enterprise-grade barcode reading software CortexDecoder. CortexDecoder integrates with the native camera on the Spectralink device instead of equipping each device with a scan engine built specifically to read barcodes. By equipping Spectralink devices with CortexDecoder SDK, barcode scanning software, medical staff can efficiently and accurately monitor bedside care including items like dosage and frequency of medications.

Huge Cost Savings with Increased Barcode Scan Performance

By integrating the CortexDecoder in 2016, Spectralink was able to eliminate the need for an expensive scan engine while providing a better barcode reading solution. As a result of CortexDecoder’s SDK performance, Spectralink was able to increase their customer’s workflow productivity all while decreasing equipment spend. Since CortexDecoder SDK works with the device’s built-in camera, it provides an improved and more intuitive user experience. The simplicity of the design also means that there are fewer parts which lead to greater reliability and less to damage or lose.

By implementing CortexDecoder’s barcode reading SDK Spectralink improved the speed of their barcode reading across the board. When challenged with damaged or distorted barcodes the devices reads with zero-miss accuracy at a rate 6x faster than the competition.

TachyonIQ & Spectralink: A World-Class Partnership

TachyonIQ™ worked with Spectralink to deliver very specific custom requirements for the device CortexDecoder would be deployed on. As a result of this partnership, Spectralink now has a portable solution that can be incorporated into future product development platforms and additional product offerings.

Read the press release from Spectralink.

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