Mission Critical Mobile Data Capture

It is one thing to say you can read barcodes better than anyone else, and it is clearly another to prove it.

It goes without saying, the inability to read a barcode can have a huge impact on a business depending on the industry. From a loss in sales, or increased costs to workflow, to app abandonment and a negative user experience they are all too willing to share. 

Empowering your application with enterprise mobile data capture means equipping your business, and customers, with zero-miss barcode scanning that truly saves the day. This is not unitasking, hit-or-miss barcode scanning of the past. With TachyonIQ’s mobile data capture software the door of opportunity in business mobility is blown wide open. 

The following examples sent to us from happy people using our barcode scanning software to consistently read barcodes that no one else can. If your business is ready to embrace mobility or you are wanting to add data capture software to your mobile or fixed application, don’t settle for anything less than zero-miss from TachyonIQ!  

Hi All

Quite often we have the feeling that for Retail our CortexDecoder is tooo good for these easy EAN codes…today only Cortex Scan got me the peas my wife wanted to have.

No chance for the latest Magellan Flatbed installed there… No chance of catching the human readable, and on the single tin there was no barcode printed.

Pretty easy for my iphone  with CortexScan and the girl at the cashier typed in the number from my screen !

 We read damaged barcodes other's can't!


Thanks TachyonIQ!

Manufacturing is not without its hurdles, and issues, in many different shapes and forms. This happy customer discovered that barcode scanning is now NOT one of them. Worflow and process improvments, check! The crazy thing about this barcode is that it is not even readily visable with the naked eye. TachyonIQ and its barcode scanning super powers scans barcodes other can’t even see! 

TachyonIQ barcode scanning software



We scan white barcode labels, on clear saline bags with your decoder software. If that wasn’t hard enough, they have an additional plastic outerbag to help prevent damage to the inner bag. That renders the barcode image virtually invisible to every barcode scanner we have tried, except yours!

Mobile data capture and work place efficiency at its best. Every scan is misson critical, even more so when a patients health or life is affected by the accuracy of the information. There is no time for “no-read” or “miss-read” baracode scanning . 

Mobile data capture of white barcodes

Interested in learning more about how our software works and adding mobile data capture of this zero-miss reliability to improve your workflow? Well, we would love to talk!