Revolutionize your scanning solutions! Your device is your reputation. For a world-class product, you need world-class performance. Choose the only decoder software proven to deliver, every time, across any challenging scanning environment.

TachyonIQ makes it easy to incorporate enterprise-grade decoding performance into your OEM designs, with best-in-class barcode reading software that seamlessly integrates with any device, fixed or mobile, on any operating system.

Whatever your application, we enable you to continually revolutionize your scanning solutions. By pairing our one-of-a-kind decoding software with the latest efficiency- and productivity-enhancing mobile, camera, and imaging technologies, you can deliver a market-leading product with the peace of mind of ‘zero miss’ reliability for your customers.

What can our software read with zero-miss reliability?

Handheld Barcode ReadersHandheld Barcode Readers

Presentation ReadersPresentation Readers

Mobile DevicesMobile Devices

Payment TerminalsPayment Terminals

High-Speed Vision SystemsHigh-Speed Vision Systems

Franking MachinesFranking Machines


Battle tested

TachyonIQ carries an arsenal that includes years of experience reading the most complex barcodes in applications like:

– Bedside medication verification in acute care hospitals
– Engine assembly in automotive factories
– Integrated circuit tracking in consumer electronics assembly

Spectralink CASE STUDY


Easily integrated.

You have options for development, and TachyonIQ won’t limit those options. Our software is portable to any system with an embedded camera, so choose the technology that’s right for you.



What TachyonIQ Solution is Right for You?


Delivers persistent decoding excellence for all of the diverse barcode symbologies and formats used within the healthcare environment.