TachyonIQ provides powerful, versatile barcode scanning software solutions that are proven to optimize data capture with “zero miss” reliability – helping customers across industries realize new gains in efficiency, productivity, usability, and user satisfaction.

We believe that every scan is mission-critical to a business, whether supporting the capture of patients’ vital medical information or enabling customers to have a more convenient shopping experience. Our software solutions deliver enterprise-grade decoding speed and performance, every time, for an array of scanning applications and complex barcode symbologies, to remove the all-too-common inefficiencies and frustrations experienced with other decoding solutions on the market today.

2D Healthcare Barcode ScanningHealthcare

2D Industrial Barcode ScanningIndustrial

2D Retail Barcode ScanningRetail

2D Consumer Facing Barcode ScanningConsumer-Facing Applications

2D OEM Barcode ScanningOEM