We love to talk about mobility! Embracing enterprise mobility is key to remaining competitive and not being left behind! 

Today hospitals are leveraging mobile devices to transform patient experiences and workflow processes. Not to mention giving nurses something they have been asking for, a digitally intuitive device they already know how to use! Mobile data capture is significantly streamlining operations all while lowering costs! 

Epic is one of the first major HIS to offer mobile software decoding with CortexDecoder lighting the way. Our software decodes more barcode symbologies, in less than ideal conditions than any other software on the market today! You choose the mobile devices you want to use and how you want to use them say goodbye to purchasing any additional scanning hardware. 

How does it work? Rover and CortexDecoder connect in real-time to Epic’s core system to facilitate patient lists, charting, and med administration straight from the mobile device running the Rover app. CortexDecoder is able to deliver this unparalleled barcode scanning experience using its amazing algorithm and the device’s powerful built-in camera. Redefine your healthcare workflow and go mobile, check out this case study to read more on one hospital’s implementation.

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