TIQ Customer Loyalty through barcode scanningWhat is customer loyalty worth to you?

You hear a lot about brand engagement and these days that means from a mobile device. Did you know that 97% of millennials say they would actively engage with loyalty programs if they could access their rewards information from their smartphones (CodeBroker). Under that same line of thinking, 94% of Americans would take advantage of an exclusive offer provided by a brand that the brand would not typically offer the general public (Kelton). When surveyed 80% of consumers indicated they are more likely to do business with a company if it offers personalized experiences (Epsilon), and 82% of Americans say being provided an exclusive offer would increase how often they shopped with a brand (Kelton) shouldn’t that be a clue?

Today brands need to focus on their customer-facing mobility plan in order to stay relevant and this needs to include personalized brand engagement with customers.

Sound like a huge project? What if we told you it is as simple as incorporating barcode scanning functionality into your existing app or app development? 

You already have a vault of marketing collateral–let’s just tap into it a bit differently.

This is where the fun starts! If you are like most brands you have created an entire library of amazing marketing ideas. A vault filled with commercials, giveaways, coupons, product promotions, brochures, memes, ads, blog posts, animated videos, and so much more. So why not tap into that amazing stash and create a personalized brand engagement experience simply using barcode scanning. 

Chris Luo, VP of Marketing of loyalty technology company FiveStars, believes that “from our experience, almost all retailers who generate some kind of repeat business have the opportunity to boost their ROI and profitability by increasing the retention of their customers. For fast casual restaurants, as an example, oftentimes 60% of customers never come back after their first visit.”

TIQ Customer Loyalty through barcode scanningA barcode scavenger hunt where loyalty is the prize

When you integrate barcode scanning as a feature included within your app you open the door of brand engagement possibilities. Just think of it, as a customer is waiting in line at your restaurant they see a QR code with the words “scan me with our app for your personalized discount today!” chances are they will not only download your app (if they haven’t already), and be on the lookout for the next scanning opportunity just steps away further down line. This one tells them “Scan Me Bon Appétit and Katy Perry starts singing her hit song Bon Appétit just for fun.

Other guests see, and hear, this activity and follow suit scanning additional QR codes found throughout the restaurant. Your advertising now boldly features codes that not only give your brand a personality people can stand behind but create a level of personalized engagement that keeps them excited to seek out more. As a result, this epidemic of fun is now being shared with friends, family, social storyboards and more! By simply incorporating barcode scanning within your app ecosystem you open the door for repurposing content you have already spent money on or you can dive into developing new ideas–the opportunities and ideas are endless. 

Free barcode scanning software just might not cut it.

There are lots of free barcode scanning SDKs and paid options available for integrating into your application. The key to making this whole engagement plan work is scanning the codes when and wherever they may be found. If a barcode won’t read then it is game over before the fun ever begins. This is why choosing the right barcode scanning software to integrate into your applications is key and avoiding the free options is important.

Barcodes get damaged, and you won’t be able to control the environment they are displayed on each and every time. Lighting may be too dark, maybe it’s that they are using a copy of a copy of a copy for displaying around the restaurant and the barcode is now blurry, or maybe it is on a broken phone screen?! You need a barcode scanning software that is smart enough to compensate for scenarios like these. Integrating the right barcode scanning technology the first time means zero-miss barcode scanning each and every time. Where do you find such a promise? TachyonIQ has spent the last 20 years perfecting its decoding algorithm delivering exactly that. If you are ready to talk barcode scanning integration within your app we are too!

Learn more on this powerful software and the SDK options available here.


by: Leslie Bryant,
Global Marketing Manager @TachyonIQ

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