CortexWedge Barcode Scanning Keyboard Wedge

Introducing CortexWedge–The iOS Barcode Scanning Keyboard Driving Business Excellence

TachyonIQ, the premier developer of enterprise-grade mobile data capture and decoding software, is happy to announce the release of CortexWedge for iOS. CortexWedge eliminates development effort by providing users with a custom keyboard that can scan barcodes and input data into any app, online form or browser. This allows companies to quickly add barcode reading to any workflow without additional coding or hardware. Simply install the CortexWedge app and start scanning. 

For companies of all sizes that have existing mobile enterprise technology and applications, or businesses looking to deploy a mobile workforce, CortexWedge is key to adding barcode scanning swiftly and cost effectively. With CortexWedge, users will harness the ability to seamlessly sync scanned barcode data directly to any of their existing programs without the need for additional development.  But speed of integration doesn’t mean users have to sacrifice performance or functionality.

CortexWedge Barcode Scanning Keyboard WedgeCortexWedge is uniquely able to scan any barcode symbology with ease through the power of TachyonIQ software.

TachyonIQ is known for its ability to scan the most difficult barcodes including those that are blurry, damaged, curved, or reflective. The software also has the ability to deliver accurate reads in low-light or poor contrast situations, delivering consistent, zero-miss performance. CortexWedge increases workflow efficiency and reduces the errors that arise from manual data entry.

“CortexWedge is TachyonIQ’s step towards helping users go mobile without having to develop or integrate software into their already existing applications,” says John Deal, VP of Product Strategy. “We want any company to be able to utilize our powerful barcode scanning technology, and we want to make it as pain-free as possible.”

TachyonIQ has been the industry revolutionizing decoding algorithm powering Code’s® impressive barcode scanning hardware for over two decades. As a result, Code continues to be a leader in image based barcode scanning technology and the manufacturer of choice for those that value its performance, durability, and flexibility. CortexWedge combined with Code’s CR4300 scanning case equips iPods or iPhones with extra protection, power, and instant scanning capability.  With integrated scanning optics for “point and shoot” accuracy, a 3000 mAh battery to extend mobile device use well past a full shift, and a multi-bay charger, the CR4300 is the gold standard in enterprise iOS accessories, and CortexWedge enables barcode reading with the CR4300 with no development necessary. 

Garrett Russell, Vice President of Marketing and North American Sales, says, “The CR4300 is already unique in the marketplace as the only battery-backup scanning sled without the bulk of an embedded scan engine.  CortexWedge makes it even easier for companies to take advantage of this unparalleled solution.”

CortexWedge is available in the iOS App Store.

About TachyonIQ

TachyonIQ™ image processing and decoding algorithms are the de facto choice for enterprise-grade barcode applications looking for the most innovative software scanning technology available. Getting its start as the backbone of Code’s product line, TachyonIQ software has helped position Code’s impressive scanning hardware as the premier technology for data capture. With the flexibility to be integrated on any device, operating system, or application, TachyonIQ enables rapid, accurate decoding of virtually any barcode symbology, of virtually any quality and curvature – every time without fail.

TachyonIQ is also the only decoder to support GoCode®, a secure, proprietary symbology, perfect for counterfeiting and asset tracking applications. Reliably capture the barcode data you need, in the way you want, at the pace your business demands.

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