Give Us a Device with a Camera, We’ll Give You Barcode Scanning Excellence

ACTON, MA—April 3, 2017—  Code® introduces its newest division, TachyonIQ, to package Code’s years of barcode reading expertise into a flexible software platform that is portable to more applications than ever before.  TachyonIQ has taken market-proven image capture and decoding technology and created a solution that turns more devices, including consumer mobile devices like the iPhone® and Samsung® products, into viable options for enterprise barcode scanning.

“Purpose-built barcode readers have benefited for years from our software decoding expertise,” says George Powell, President and CEO of TachyonIQ’s parent company, Code.  “Now with TachyonIQ, mobile apps can deliver a barcode reading experience that developers have been hoping for in their consumer-facing applications, and businesses have demanded from their enterprise devices.”

TachyonIQ features two software solutions targeting different market needs.  CortexDecoder® is a software product for developers writing applications for consumer mobile devices running iOS™, Android™, or Windows Mobile™.  It can also be used in desktop applications running Linux®, Windows® or OS X®.  EdgeDecoder™ targets manufacturers building devices running a variety of operating systems that need an embedded, high-performing barcode reading solution.

“TachyonIQ is all about breaking down the barriers that have historically limited the extensibility of barcode scanning,” says David Bubnoski, Product Manager for TachyonIQ.  “Our solution is very flexible, extremely fast, and backed by a level of support that is unmatched.  Developers can have confidence that the frustrations that riddled barcode reading in the past are eliminated with TachyonIQ.”

About TachyonIQ

Code’s TachyonIQ image processing and decoding solution is the de facto choice for enterprise-grade barcode scanning software technology that enables rapid, accurate decoding of virtually any barcode symbology, of virtually any quality and curvature – every time without fail.  As the backbone of Code’s product line and with the flexibility to integrate with any device, operating system, and application, TachyonIQ ensures you can reliably capture the barcode data you need, in the way you want, at the pace your business demands.  TachyonIQ is the only decoder to support the proprietary GoCode® symbology which uses encryption to secure and prevent illicit reading of sensitive data. 

Interested in test driving our tech? Or looking for more specific information on our software? Feel free to contact us with any questions.

About Code

Code is a technology leader in image-based barcode reading solutions. Code designs and manufactures a complete line of image-based barcode reading hardware and software solutions to enhance productivity and exceed customers’ expectations for superior barcode reading performance, ergonomic design, equipment durability, and seamless integration with their operations. Servicing a diverse range of environments, Code’s products are used in critical applications in healthcare, public safety, manufacturing, transportation, retail, and a variety of other industries.  For more information on Code barcode reading hardware, visit www.codecorp.com.